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Bringing the Gospel to Vietnamese around the world

Founded in 1981, Vietnam Ministries, Inc. (VMI) exists to promote the Great Commission through evangelism and discipleship among Vietnamese people around the world by providing believers and non believers with access to Bibles and Christian materials that will help them mature spiritually and bring others to Christ

a VAST mission field


People In Vietnam. 13th most populated country


Vietnamese people living in 100 other countries


Less than 2% of the population are Christians 


Literacy rate with main language is


There are approximately 3 million Vietnamese people living in over 100 countries outside Vietnam, and 92.7 million people living in Vietnam today.

According to a U.N. study, Vietnam is ranked 13th amongst the most populated countries, and Vietnamese is among the twenty most spoken languages of the world. Today, the literacy rate is  90.3%. Supplying nearly 84 million people with Christian literature and Bibles is a huge challenge; yet, it is a privilege for all of us to be partnered together in spreading God's Word.

Today, the current number of Vietnamese Christians has risen to 1.6 million. VMI receives many requests from individuals and churches in Vietnam and around the world for training and discipleship materials, devotional literature and Bible commentaries. Moreover, over half a million Vietnamese immigrants and guest-workers live in Eastern Europe and other countries are desperate need of spiritual care and nurturing. This is a great task and responsibility for the Vietnamese Church abroad.

In response to these challenges, VMI seeks to introduce Jesus Christ to Vietnamese people both in Vietnam and overseas through its ministries.

Our commitments


Bible knowledge 


Spiritual maturity

Glorify Jesus Christ

Through service to all


Awareness of

Vietnamese ministries

and local churches


Vietnamese history & culture

Vietnam Ministries, Inc.

Office Address:

1100 North Paradise Street 
Anaheim, CA 92806 USA

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PO Box 4568 
Anaheim, CA 92803-4568 USA

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